Can You Challenge a Workers’ Compensation Allegation?

As a business owner, you are responsible for every facet of your company. One of your top responsibilities is making sure your employees are well cared for and safe. You have workers’ compensation insurance and make sure you have policies in place should an employee suffer an injury.

You have recently been made aware of an employee’s intention to file a claim for a work injury, but aren’t sure it is legit. Are workers’ comp claims challengeable?

A Thorough Investigation

The reliability and credibility of the injured worker are always taken into consideration by insurance companies when investigating a claim for injury. Whether the employee fell while carrying a heavy box or claims to have suffered a psychological injury, every bit of their reported story is investigated further by claims. Claims get denied based on lack of witness statements, incorrect reporting procedures and shifting stories. A workers comp attorney for employers will also assist in the process.

Consider the Source

As an employer, you are not going to keep all of your workers happy all the time. Someone may not like the fact they got passed over for a promotion or that they didn’t get the schedule they hoped for. If you have an employee who has a record of being difficult or complaining, to management and other workers, make sure you give that information to the claims rep handling your case.

Trust the Outcome

If the investigation determines the injury is legitimate, your insurance company should pay per your policy. Depending on the type of business you run, your premiums may go up as a result. However, this typically doesn’t happen if paid claims are few and far between. If you feel the insurance company was wrong, getting a workers comp attorney for employers may help fix it.

Dealing with a workers’ compensation claim at work is never something you set out to do. Know that your insurance company does not want to pay money to someone who does not deserve it. Therefore, trust the process and assist when needed.

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