How to fill out applications when you have a record

Nobody wants to spend their life in jail. Fortunately, being convicted of a crime does not always immediately result in being sent to jail. Months or years could pass before you begin serving time. A clean background or less serious crime could result in a felony probation Tampa.

Benefits of a Probation

The most obvious benefit to being on probation is remaining free for a set period of time. you can continue to work and provide for your family. The catch is making sure you consistently meet the criteria of your probation.

Violating the Terms of Probation

Not being able to follow the terms of your probation can result in a violation. When this occurs, you could be arrested again and have a violation of probation added to the charges against you. depending on the judge, you may have to spend time in jail. The length of time you have been out before the violation occurs does not count.

For example, you could violate a term in the 35th month of a 36-month probation. The judge may sentence you to serve the term of incarceration applicable to the crime of your original crime.

Suggestions to Avoid a Violation

Although you are free, probation is an expensive alternative to jail time. You are usually required to pay a monthly fee. Additionally, you have to pay for alcohol breath tests and urine drug screenings. If your probation terms require an electronic monitor, there is a weekly fee.

If paying for the costs of being supervised is too expensive, you should let your probation officer know. This is preferred to simply not paying and risk violation conditions. In some cases, the probation officer could submit a hardship request to have the court either lower or waive the costs.

Keep appointments with your probation officer. Otherwise, a warrant for your arrest will be issued, and a new violation of absconding is added.

The state of Florida does not credit you time spent on probation for prison or jail time. however, your attorney might be able to persuade a judge to reinstate your probation. This is possible if you have taken steps to mitigate the violation.

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